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Tote Bags

When sustainability meets style you get our collection of reusable tote bags
Totes are typically a bag that can be carried in the hand or worn on the shoulder and are the ideal accessory for shopping, work and day to day life. Their simplicity makes them a go-to fashion item for many, and their practicality gives them a competitive edge over other bag styles. Tote bags also make great corporate gifts or marketing tools for businesses that want sustainable and impactful promotional merchandise to support a campaign or elevate their brand. 
Our collection of tote bags are the perfect place to start on any journey to sustainable living whether you’re a business owner or an individual.

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Tote bags made from sustainable materials

Our range of high-quality tote bags are made from eco-friendly materials to create products that are durable and hard-wearing. This means that they can be reused many times making them a sustainable alternative to plastic shopping bags which are typically discard of after a single use.

All of the environmentally-friendly materials that we procure for our reusable tote bags are done so using ethical practices in keeping with our core principles when it comes to sustainability.

In our collection, you will find cotton totes, which are the most popular amongst all of our bags, canvas tote bags which are very on-trend, and totes made from jute, non-woven PP and rPET. We even have tote bags that are made using recycled, organic and Fairtrade cotton – all of which are certified for authenticity.

With so many options available to you, there are endless opportunities to create a tote bag that provides you with all the properties you need; whether that’s a quality printing surface, softness on the skin or superior eco-credentials.

Find the right tote for your needs

Tote bags can come in all styles, shapes and sizes so you can find one that is fit for every purpose.

Our large cotton totes are perfect for grocery shopping, beach days and picnics because the added space allows enough room for all your food and other belongings. Whilst our market totes are an eco-friendly replacement for your handbag as a fashionable accessory that can accompany you to the office, lunch with friends or days out. There are also tote bags with longer handles making it easy to carry on the shoulder, and small totes that are suitable for party favours or as gift bags.

Some of our tote bags even come in a variety of colours, such as black, white, blue and pink, so that you can pick one that suits your style, your outfit, or the season. Better yet, businesses that are looking to invest in eco-friendly tote bags for promotional purposes can opt for one in a colour that matches their branding or the campaign to make it even more cohesive and authentic.

The UK’s largest eco-friendly tote bag supplier

Although we supply several types of sustainable bags, totes are our specialty and remain one of our best-sellers. As a fashion statement, they are unmatched because their classic look will never go out of style and as a promotional bag, totes offer the versatility and global appeal that effective merchandise needs.We are the UK’s leading sustainable bag wholesaler with all of our reusable tote bag stock being held in our head office and warehouses in the UK which allows for speedy delivery.

Brand our totes for a sustainable promotional bag

Printed tote bags can be distributed at events and trade shows as a great way to advertise your brand, products and services. Promotional totes have a wide appeal and a lot of versatility which is why they remain one of the most popular choices for merchandise. They act as a walking billboard for your business by gaining impressions every time the tote bag is carried out of the home and on the shoulder of the recipient. In fact, it is estimated that a promotional tote can earn almost 6,000 impressions in one year which isn’t even the entire lifespan of a tote bag.

They are also a great replacement for plastic carrier bags at gift shops, garden centres, tourist attractions, fashion brands and other businesses who want custom printed tote bags to sell to their customers at POS. You can simply add your bespoke artwork using digital printing, embroidery or any of our professional branding techniques to create a beautiful sustainable bag that everyone will want to get their hands on.

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