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Drawstring Gym Bag

Make your training sessions a little greener with our collection of sustainable drawstring gym bags. Each one is made from eco-friendly materials that are durable and hard-wearing, such as rPET and non-woven PP, to ensure longevity.

These drawstring gym bags are perfect for carrying your gym clothes, sports kit, running shoes, and other workout essentials whether you are going to the gym, playing a sport or doing any other fitness activity. They are spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings, the lightweight design makes them easy to carry around and the drawstring closure doubles as a strap so the bags can be worn as backpacks or on the shoulder.

In addition to being eco-friendly, these gym bags are also stylish and come in a variety of colours and designs to suit your style. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or something more vibrant, there is a drawstring gym bag for you.

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Tansy Cotton Drawstring Gym BagTansy Cotton Drawstring Gym Bag

Tansy Cotton Drawstring Gym Bag

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As low as £1.00

    Black-Cotton-drawstring-Bag-backpackHosta Black Cotton Drawstring Bag

    Hosta Black Cotton Drawstring Bag

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    As low as £1.32

      drawstring-bag-made-from-plastic-bottles-rpet-ecoduka-gym-bagblack-drawstring-bag-made-from-plastic-bottles-rpet-ecoduka-gym-bagAmaryllis Recycled PET Recron® GreenGold Drawstring Bag

      Amaryllis Recycled PET Recron® GreenGold Drawstring Bag

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      As low as £1.22

      • White
      • Black
      • Navy
      Red Drawstring rPET Gym BagBlack Drawstring rPET Gym BagClematis rPET Drawstring Bag

      Clematis rPET Drawstring Bag

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      As low as £1.43

      • Black
      • Navy
      • White
      • Purple
      • Red
      daphne-natural-recycled-drawstring-bagdaphne-black-recycled-drawstring-bagDaphne Recycled Drawstring Bag with AWARE™ Tracer Technology

      Daphne Recycled Drawstring Bag with AWARE™ Tracer Technology

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      As low as £2.55

      • Natural
      • Black
      • Navy
      Promotional Cotton Gym BagAnthos Lightweight Cotton Gym Bag

      Anthos Lightweight Cotton Gym Bag

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      As low as £1.93

        Also, businesses can add their bespoke artwork to any of these drawstring gym bags to create a branded promotional product to help build awareness and engage new customers. It’s the perfect merchandise opportunity for fitness brands, gyms, leisure centres and sports clubs.


        Drawstring gyms bags and backpacks made from sustainable materials

        Nowadays, people are increasingly conscious of the environment, and sustainable options are becoming more important. Drawstring gym bags made from sustainable materials, like non-woven PP, rPET and cotton, greatly reduce one's environmental footprint. Non-woven PP is a strong and durable material that is often used to create reusable bags. It is made from polypropylene fibres that are bonded together, and it is resistant to tears, water, and stains. It is also a recyclable material, which makes it an eco-friendly choice. rPET is another sustainable material that is used to make some of the drawstring gym bags in this collection. It uses recycled plastic water bottles to create a strong, durable, and lightweight fabric that is a brilliant choice for making gym bags. We also use natural cotton for some of these drawstring backpacks as it creates soft, breathable and easy-to-wash gym bags that are highly practical for many sports activities.


        Keep your gym essentials secure with drawstring bags

        Drawstring bags are a practical choice for gym-goers, those who play sports or anyone who participates in physical activities and needs somewhere to store and transport their essentials. One of the main advantages of drawstring bags is their lightweight and compact design, making them easy to carry and manoeuvre whilst active and moving around. The drawstring closure also allows for quick and easy access to items inside the bag, which is especially helpful during sports matches or workouts where quick access to equipment or gear is crucial. Additionally, drawstring bags are easy to store, taking up minimal space in lockers or cars. Our drawstring gym bag collection comes in several colours and sizes to accommodate various needs and personal preferences. For example, our Anthos Gym Bag is slightly larger so it can be used to carry more equipment or clothing which may be necessary for activities such as football or athletics, whilst our Clematis Drawstring Bag is available in five different colours, including Black and Purple, so you can select one that matches your taste and style. The versatility of these bags means that they can also be worn by kids as a backpack for school or by students at college and university.


        Printed drawstring gym bags to enhance your business

        Businesses that need promotional products to help build brand awareness, engage new customers or gift to employees and clients, for example, can use our drawstring gym bags. As branded merchandise, printed gym bags are a great option for companies in the fitness and wellness sector as it aligns well with their services and will likely meet the needs of their clientele. By adding your bespoke artwork to the bag's surface, you can design an accessory that is useful for your demographic and showcases your brand to a wider audience. For example, a retail brand that sells workout clothes or sportswear could use printed drawstring gym bags as a ‘gift with purchase’ offer when customers spend over a certain amount. This will encourage increased spending and provide shoppers with a practical item that they can take to the gym or use when playing sports.

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