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Material of Drinkware

The materials that go into making our drinkware are as sustainable as they get to ensure that we can supply mugs and bottles that don't harm the planet.
Our drinkware materials include stainless steel which is hugely popular for water bottles and glass for those who want something a little more trendy. We also use bamboo and corn starch to make some of our reusable coffee cups and ethically-sourced grass for our biodegradable straws. Below you can find the full range of drinkware materials that we offer as well the reusable products that they are used to make. 

More about the eco-friendly materials we use for our drinkware

Not only is it important that we source materials that have a low carbon footprint and can be reused or disposed of in environmentally-friendly ways. We also ensure that our drinkware materials enable us to deliver the best quality bottles, cups and mugs on the market. 

Stainless steel and glass are great insulators so they will keep cold drinks chilled and hot drinks warm and plant fibre is durable, versatile and stylish. 

Explore our full range of drinkware materials to find the solution that best meets your needs.

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