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Reusable Gift Bags

Gift wrapping can be a highly wasteful activity seeing as it requires the use of a product that is typically used once and then thrown away. This leads to an excessive amount of wrapping paper and paper gift bags being discarded of, especially during peak gift-giving seasons such as Christmas.

Our collection of reusable gift bags are a great sustainable alternative when it comes time to wrap some presents. They offer a practical solution to wrapping awkward shaped products, like bottles, and are made using durable, eco-friendly materials.
Plus, our reusable gift bags can be kept by the gift recipient and reused time and time again – so it really is a gift in itself.  

Ecoduka® Reusable Gift Bags Collection

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Small Gift Bags

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The materials that make our reusable gift bags sustainable

Each of the reusable gift bags in our collection are made using eco-friendly materials that are either natural, recycled, recyclable or organic to ensure they have as little impact on the planet as possible. As part of our social corporate responsibility, we use ethical methods to source all of the materials used in the production of our gift bags.

 We also ensure that the fabric we use for each bag is durable and long-lasting so that the finished product can be reused multiple times which keeps them out of landfills for as long as possible, if not altogether.

 We stock gift pouches made from cotton with drawstring closures, bottle bags made from jute and small rPET gift bags for your presents or party favours.

A reusable gift bag for every present and occasion

Gifting comes in all shapes and sizes so it is essential to provide a range of reusable gift bags that can meet your every need and make gift wrapping a lot easier and more eco-friendly. This is why we supply sustainable gift bags in a range of fabrics, colours, styles and sizes.

 A hugely popular gift for almost any occasion is a beverage, such as a bottle of wine or champagne, which is why we supply an impressive collection of reusable bottle bags all made from natural jute. They range from single bottle size to our large six bottle gift bag and a display window can be added so that the contents inside is visible.

We also have a number of jute jar bags which are perfect for holding mason jars making them the ideal gift bag for candles, jams, honey and other jarred goods.

Our tote bags come in small, medium and large sizes so that they can be used to gift almost any present, from boxes of chocolate to
homeware, and we even have drawstring pouches for the smallest of gifts such as jewellery and cosmetics.

Popular gift bags and stockings


Alder Small Dyed Cotton Gift Bag

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1 Bottle Gift Bag

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Nala Medium Jute Bag

Nala Medium Jute Bag

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Make your celebrations waste-free with eco-friendly gift bags

There are many things, events and people we celebrate throughout the year, from birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, to baby births, new homes and Christmas, which equates to many presents that all need to be wrapped.

Reusable gift bags are a brilliant finishing touch to any present or party as a sustainable alternative to wrapping paper or paper bags which are single-use products. When you are able to reuse a bag rather than having to dispose of it after one use, you are keeping it in circulation for as long as possible and out of landfills which results in less waste and less harm to our planet.

Also, reusable gift bags are often more practical, less hassle and make your gift or gathering feel even more special.

Add your branding to create printed gift bags for your business

Your business can utilise our range of reusable gift bags by adding your branding to create printed gift bags that can be used to package your products or sold as an add-on/gift wrapping option. This simple addition makes your customer’s shopping
experience far more enjoyable and leaves a lasting impression that can help promote your brand and retain your customers.

Wineries and businesses that sell bottled beverages can brand our jute bottle bags or pouch to create a printed reusable gift bag in which to store their products, whilst jewellery brands will find our small drawstring pouches are the perfect eco-friendly bag for gifting earrings, necklaces and rings.

Your brand can even create seasonal or occasional gift bags to enhance certain collections or product ranges throughout the year. For example, hampers and gift sets are hugely popular around Christmas and they require a storage bag in which to pack all the items. Your brand can design custom-printed reusable gift bags for this purpose using one of our jute totes.

 Explore our full range of reusable gift bags with bulk discounts available and professional printing services provided here in the UK.

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