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Our Packaging

At Ecoduka we understand that sustainability doesn't begin and end with our products, but it includes the packaging too.

Since integrity and transparency is important to us, especially with greenwashing becoming increasingly rife within the sustainability industry, we felt that it was necessary for us to share with you some information regarding the packaging that we use to ship and deliver our products.

Reusing is key

When your order arrives, the first thing you will notice is that we use recycled cardboard boxes and that these are stuffed with plastic bags to help protect the items inside.

The reason behind this is based in one of our key principles and core sustainability values – re-use, reduce, recycle.
Over the years we have accumulated plastic waste in our offices (something which I am sure you understand is unavoidable but on the decline) and we strongly believe that it is far better for the environment if we reuse these materials rather than purchase brand new packaging that may appear more eco-friendly on the surface, such as paper.
Paper is branded as being very eco-friendly but if it is used irresponsibly, for example just for the single-use purpose of stuffing empty space, then it is just as damaging to the environment as plastic since it takes 30 - 40 years to grow a tree from which the paper is made. Though it looks like a more sustainable option because of the negative connotations surrounding plastic, it is actually a strain on natural resources and completely unnecessary for our business at this stage seeing as though we have waste available to us that we can put to good use.

EcoDuka is built on the idea of reusing materials to prolong their lifespan. This is evident in our products and our packaging where we reuse cardboard boxes and plastic waste in order to keep them from landfills or recycling facilities for as long as possible. This is always the best option when trying to uphold sustainability principles as even a plastic bag can be made more eco-friendly if it is used multiple times.
With that being said, our end goal is to eradicate as much plastic as possible from our packaging and that change will take place when we have utilised all the waste that we currently have.

We are also currently using recycled plastic tape to seal all of our packages whilst we look for a reasonably priced and good quality eco tape.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our packaging, then please contact us at

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