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Drawstring Bags

Our collection of plain drawstring bags and pouches are a sustainable and secure method of storing your belongings.
The wide variety of styles and sizes means that you can find a drawstring bag to keep jewellery and small trinkets safe when at home or on holiday, transport your sports kit to the gym and even keep your children’s toys stowed away.

The drawstring closure on each bag or pouch means that it can be fastened to keep everything stored inside safe giving you peace of mind when you are on the go, and our larger drawstring bags can even be worn as a backpack.  

Ecoduka® Drawstring Bags Collection

Drawstring Pouches

Mesh Drawstring Bags

Drawstring Sacks

Drawstring Gym Bag

Drawstring Bottle Bags

Drawstring bags made from eco-friendly materials

As with all of our sustainable bags, we use eco-friendly materials to create our drawstring bags and pouches. This enables us to deliver high-quality, reusable products that cause less harm to the planet than some of the more commonly used materials.

The range of eco-friendly materials that we procure also allows us to deliver a versatile collection of drawstring bags that can fulfil a different purpose in your day to day life. For example, our cotton drawstring pouches are great storage bags for travel whilst our rPET drawstring bags are ideal for the gym or playing sports.

We even have drawstring bags made from natural jute, organic cotton, non-woven PP and canvas so there truly is something for everyone.

Find the right drawstring bag for your needs

There are several types of drawstring bags available that vary in style, size and colour so that each one can serve a different purpose.

If you need a way to safely and conveniently transport cosmetics, jewellery and other small/loose items when you travel, then our small drawstring pouches are the solution. The secure fastening means that the contents inside the pouch will stay safe and allow you to easily locate your items wherever you go.

Our mesh drawstring bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic produce bags designed to carry fresh fruits and vegetables and be
reused multiples times rather than thrown away after a single use.

Our jute and cotton drawstring sacks are very popular around Christmas as a stocking for storing and carrying presents. However, they can also be used as laundry bags, storage for children’s toys or as a method of transporting clothes and home textiles when moving house because of their durability and large size.

We even have a collection of drawstring backpacks that are typically used as gym bags or PE bags for school. Their convenience and comfort makes them a great accessory for holidays and festivals too because they can hold all your essentials and be easily worn on the back and kept out of the way.

Drawstring pouches are the best kind of gift bag

When it comes to awkward shaped presents, gift wrapping can be a challenge which is why our drawstring pouches are a saviour forbirthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and any other gift-giving occasion. Not to mention the fact that the more traditional methods of wrapping presents, such as wrapping paper and paper bags, are hugely wasteful and bad for the environment.

Our range of drawstring pouches are a practical and sustainable gift bag option with small cotton ones for jewellery, beauty products and perfume or larger sized pouches for candles and cosmetics. These reusable bags can also be used for party favours at weddings and other special gatherings as the perfect eco-friendly finishing touch to your event.

Our jute drawstring bottle pouch is also made exclusively for gifting single bottles of champagne, wine or other beverages which are notoriously difficult to wrap using other methods.

Create branded drawstring bags for promotional merchandise or packaging

You can add your bespoke artwork or branding to any of our drawstring bags or pouches to create printed drawstring bags that can be used as product packaging or promotional merchandise.

 By designing branded drawstring bags with your logo or message displayed on them, you are taking the opportunity to promote your business and protect your products. The use of sustainable packaging also presents your brand in a positive light by moving away for excessive or plastic packaging and investing in reusable and eco-friendly drawstring bags instead.

Printed drawstring pouches are great for businesses that sell candles, cosmetics, soaps, hair accessories, jewellery and other small trinkets as they can be used as branded eco-friendly packaging for these products. It not only enhances the experience for the customer but it keeps the items safe when being
transported and can double as a dust bag.

Whilst fitness brands can customise our backpacks to create printed gym bags that can be used as giveaway prizes, promotional merchandise or corporate gifts for their new members, and businesses that sell fresh produce can design personalised mesh bags for their checkouts.

Bulk discounts are available across all of our drawstring bags and pouches, as well as speedy delivery and professional printing services based here in the UK.  

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