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Bottle Bags

Want a sustainable way to gift some bubbly to a friend or promote your wine business? Our eco-friendly bottle bags are just what you need! This collection of reusable bottle bags are all made from ethically-sourced jute and are perfect for gifting a bottle of champagne to a loved one on their birthday or for using as a sustainable packaging option for your products. They come in a range of sizes, from single to six bottle capacity, and there is the option for dyed trims and handles or a drawstring bottle pouch.  

If you are an individual that wants to make more sustainable choices then trading in the plastic and paper gift bags for these eco-friendly bottle bags is a great place to start.
Moreover, businesses and organisations that want to do their part in protecting the planet can use these jute bottle bags as packaging for their bottled beverages or hampers.

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jute-drawstring-bottle-pouchjute-bottle-bag-gift-pouchGozo Jute Drawstring Bottle Pouch

Gozo Jute Drawstring Bottle Pouch

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    hessian-jute-bottle-bagJute Bottle bag with Window1 Bottle Gift Bag

    1 Bottle Gift Bag

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      Sweet Pea Bottle BagSweet Pea Bottle BagSweet Pea Bottle Bag

      Sweet Pea Bottle Bag

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      2 Bottle Gift BagJute Double Bottle Bag2 Bottle Gift Bag

      2 Bottle Gift Bag

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        3 Bottle Gift Bag3 Bottle Jute Bag with Window3 Bottle Gift Bag

        3 Bottle Gift Bag

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          4 Bottle Gift Bag4 Bottle Gift Bag4 Bottle Gift Bag

          4 Bottle Gift Bag

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            6 Bottle Jute Bag6 Bottle Gift Bag

            6 Bottle Gift Bag

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              You can easily add your branding or bespoke artwork to create a custom printed bottle bag that can be used for corporate gifting or plastic-free packaging. The ideal packaging solution for wineries, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and drinks companies.


              Fall in love with our reusable bottle bags made from jute

              Jute is a natural and sustainable material that is both durable and biodegradable. It is also a renewable resource that can be grown without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, making it a more environmentally friendly option than synthetic materials. For this reason, we have used it to make a beautiful collection of reusable bottle bags that are great for storing and carrying wine, champagne and other beverages that come in a large bottle. The strength of jute means that the bag can withstand a lot of weight which is an essential feature of a bag used for holding heavy and fragile items. Plus, its unmatched durability means that these jute bottle bags can be kept by the recipient, whether it is used as product packaging or a gift bag, and used time and time again.


              What to expect from our range of jute bottle bags

              Jute bottle bags are designed and shaped specifically as a convenient and sustainable way of storing, transporting and gifting bottled beverages, such as wine and champagne. Each bag in this collection has sturdy carry handles, except our drawstring bottle pouch, with some providing a choice between cotton cord and cane handles so it can be comfortably held in the hand.Our bottle bags come in a range of sizes from the small ones made to store a single bottle, to our largest one which can hold up to six bottles. This means you can find the bottle bag best suited for your needs whether you are gifting your mum a bottle of wine for Mother’s Day, or packaging a variety of spirits as part of a hamper pack for your business. Many of our smaller sizes come with the option of adding display windows so that you can clearly see the contents of the bag. We even have a jute bottle bag, in our collection, that has a dyed trim and handles available in green or red which can be great options for occasions such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.


              Design printed jute bottles bags for gifting and packaging

              Elevate your business by creating branded bottle bags that can be used for corporate gifting or product packaging. Using a range of professional printing techniques, you can add your branding or bespoke artwork to these reusable jute bags and design gift bags or packaging that can positively promote your business. Whether your employee is celebrating their birthday, or it’s Christmas and you want to presents gifts to your clients, a plain or printed jute bottle bag is a sustainable and creative way of wrapping some bottles of wine or champagne. They can even be used as an eco-friendly replacement for paper and plastic carrier bags at checkouts. 

              Your wine, champagne and other bottled beverages can be placed into these jute bottle bags to provide your customers with a safe and stylish way to carry their goods from your store to their home. Finally, you can embrace plastic-free packaging by using these reusable bottle bags instead of cardboard and paper boxes that are usually filled with plastic and bubble wrap to protect the fragile glass bottles. Not only will it impress your customers but it will provide them with a gift bag that they can put to further use after receiving your products.

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