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Ecoduka Fairtrade Bags & Pouches

This collection of bags and pouches is Fairtrade certified which means that they meet the strictest standards in production and supply including fair pay, workers’ rights and safe working conditions.

Antimicrobial Cotton Bags with Biomaster Technology

Ethical In Every Way

Fairtrade is one of the most recognised and trusted sustainability labels in the world. It is a global organisation that is co-owned by more than 1.8 million farmers with the aim of transforming the way trade works. The purpose of this certification is to establish fair and sustainable trade relationships between small-scale farmers in third world countries and the global buyers or distributors who may be purchasing from them.

Our Fairtrade collection are plain reusable bags made from cotton that has been certified by Fairtrade. This means that they meet the rigorous standards set by Fairtrade to help better the lives of the people who grow the cotton and manufacture the finished fabric. It is one of our most ethical ranges that looks good whilst doing good for people and the planet!

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Why We Love Our Fairtrade Bags

Reusable Bags

Fair Pay

Fair prices are paid to farmers who grow the cotton

Washable Eco Products

Organically-Grown Cotton

The cotton is grown without the use of toxic chemicals

ISO 22196:2011 Approved

Ethical Work Conditions

Factory workers are paid and treated fairly

Fast UK Stock Delivery

Durable & Reusable

All the bags are long-lasting and hard-wearing

Arum Fairtrade Cotton Bag from Ecoduka

Arum Fairtrade Cotton Bag

Made from ethically sourced cotton, Arum is a 100% Fairtrade tote bag. This stylish, eco-friendly bag is made for everyday use with long handles that enable you to comfortably carry it by your side all day long. Arum is a high quality, sustainable and long-lasting cotton bag suitable for carrying books, shopping and heavy-duty items.

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Hazel Fairtrade Cotton Pouch from Ecoduka

Hazel Fairtrade Cotton Pouch

Our Hazel Fairtrade Cotton Pouch is the finishing touch that you have been missing!  Made from Fairtrade certified cotton and with a drawstring closure, this pouch is a durable, high-quality alternative to plastic and other harmful materials. You can even add your branding or bespoke artwork using one of our many printing techniques .

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Rowan Fairtrade Canvas Bag from Ecoduka

Rowan Fairtrade Canvas Bag

Made from ethically sourced canvas, Rowan is a 100% Fairtrade tote bag.  This stylish, eco-friendly bag is made for everyday use with long handles that enable you to comfortably carry it by your side all day long. Whether you are using it to carry books to university or your grocery shopping, Rowan is a high quality, sustainable canvas bag that is built to last.

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Aspen Fairtrade Canvas Pencil Case from Ecoduka

Aspen Fairtrade Canvas Pencil Case

Our Aspen Fairtrade Canvas Pencil Case is the ultimate eco-friendly home for stationery, make-up and more. This multipurpose zip pouch is made from organic canvas and is a great gift for school children, university students and art lovers. Add your bespoke artwork or branding to create a promotional pencil case that will impress clients, customers and employees!

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Why Choose Fairtrade Bags? 

By investing in Fairtrade bags you are championing a system that aims to support small-scale farmers by providing them with a secure and stable income. The goal is to create a guarantee of fair prices and humane working conditions for both farmers and factory workers alike. This also benefits the environment as the use of pesticides, toxic chemicals and GMO seeds is often a consequence of farmers being forced to cut corners on quality and sustainability in order to meet unrealistic demands. By offering fair payment and wages, consumers receive a better product created in a more sustainable way.

  • Lower social costs yet higher social benefits
  • No use of harmful, toxic chemicals
  • Longer and stronger fibres which makes softer and more durable bags
  • Washable, reusable and customisable

Did you know?

The environmental impact of Fairtrade cotton is 5 times lower than conventional cotton yet only 13% of the world’s cotton is produced sustainably.

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When did Fairtrade begin?

Fairtrade was started in response to the dire struggles of Mexican coffee farmers following the collapse of world coffee prices in the late 1980s. The UK arm of Fairtrade was established in 1992.

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UK Stock ~ Fast Delivery

Ecoduka hold large quantities of stock here in the UK, and so we can design and ship your order within a very short timescale. Whatever your requirements we are guaranteed to be able to assist. Whether you need cotton bags or jute bags, small, medium or large, printed or plain.

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Fairtrade Bags and Pouches from Ecoduka

Plain or Printed Bags

Do you need bags custom branded? Why not print your logo onto one of our Fairtrade bags or pouches. Screen or transfer print. Print on one or two sides, within our UK print area. Free visuals and proofing. Lead time 5-10 Working Days.

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Fairtrade Bags and Pouches from Ecoduka
Fairtrade bags & pouches - ethical bags for a sustainable future
Who are Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a sustainability label that aims to better the lives of the people who grow and create the things that we love and use on a daily basis. When a product or business meets the stringent standards outlined by Fairtrade it will earn the certification. It is only applicable to small-scale farmer organisations for certain products such as coffee, cocoa, cotton and rice.

Some of the social, economic and environmental guidelines that need to be met include decent working conditions, a ban on child labour, forced labour and discrimination, fair payment to farmers, a stable income for workers and an extra sum of money being paid on top of the selling price to invest in business or community projects.

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