It all starts with reusable bags

We are Ecoduka®, the UK’s leading supplier of reusable bags and eco-friendly products.

Our company is built on strict values when it comes to sustainability because we believe in reducing our impact on the environment to protect the planet for future generations.
This is why our extensive range of reusable bags are all made from eco-friendly materials that are either organic, recycled, recyclable or natural.

We want to encourage individuals and businesses to do good and go green with the switch from harmful, single-use plastic bags to sustainable reusable bags, many of which are completely plastic-free.

Plain or printed eco-friendly bags

We stock over 2,000,000 reusable bags in the UK

Reusable shopping bags for green living

We can supply you with eco-friendly tote bags, plastic-free mesh bags and reusable shoppers to make your trips to the grocery store more sustainable. From organic cotton and canvas shopping bags to natural jute totes, we have a product fit for every purpose so that you can stroll down the supermarket aisles or roam the farmers’ market with an eco-friendly grocery bag in hand.

Our range of green products doesn’t end there. We also stock reusable gift bags, drawstring pouches and cosmetic cases as well as reusable water bottles, coffee cups made from plant fibres and biodegradable straws.





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Our latest reusable bags and eco-friendly products

If you’re not sure where to start, then you can browse our brand new and most popular eco-friendly products to see what is trending amongst sustainable shoppers.
jute-christmas-stocking-hessianJute Christmas Stocking

    Jute Christmas Stocking

    As low as £5.99
    Large Jute SackSmall Jute Drawstring SackDiascia Jute Drawstring Sacks

      Diascia Jute Drawstring Sacks

      Regular price£1.79As low as £5.12
      jute-drawstring-bottle-pouchjute-bottle-bag-gift-pouchGozo Jute Drawstring Bottle Pouch

        Gozo Jute Drawstring Bottle Pouch

        Regular price

        As low as £0.90

        Fiji Jute Beach BagFiji Jute Beach BagFiji Jute Beach Bag
        • Black
        • Blue
        • Green
        • Red
        • Red (T#EFGNFKQ)

        Fiji Jute Beach Bag

        Regular price£2.88As low as £3.71
        Kindi Orange Resuable Cotton BagKindi Pink Resuable Cotton BagViola Premium Coloured Canvas Bag
        • Black
        • Yellow
        • Red
        • White
        • Hunter Green
        • Pink
        • Navy
        • Orange
        • Coral Pink
        • Emerald Green
        • Grey
        • Burgundy
        • Purple
        • Turquoise
        • Royal Blue

        Viola Premium Coloured Canvas Bag

        Regular price

        As low as £2.88

        Canvas Market ToteIvy Canvas Market Tote Bag

          Ivy Canvas Market Tote Bag

          Regular price

          As low as £13.52

          Printed Promotional Bags

          Bespoke and printed reusable bags


          Eco-friendly materials for quality, sustainable bags

          We are very intentional when it comes to the materials used to create our reusable bags. Many of our shoppers are made from jute which is a durable, natural plant fibre whilst organic cotton is commonly used to create our classic promotional tote bags.

          We even have a collection of eco-friendly bags made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET) as well as large non-woven PP grocery bags and stylish canvas shoulder bags.

          If the material enables us to make a hard-wearing product that will stand the test of time and it’s carbon footprint is low, whether this is because of how it is sourced or disposed of, then we are happy to use it.

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          Experts in sustainable and eco-friendly bags

          Our Reusable Bags

          We have been producing eco-friendly and reusable bags since 2003, long before sustainability became the buzzword that it is today. Weare now recognised as industry experts, providing you with the UK’s largest wholesale collection of sustainable bags.

          Not only is our range of high-quality products versatile and durable, but we offer brilliant value for money with bulk discounts available on all of our reusable bags, excellent customer service from our team of specialist and fast delivery times.We are also a company that guarantees reliability and transparency so that you can shop on Ecoduka® with full confidence that you are investing in a truly eco-friendly brand.

          What is the benefit of a reusable bag?

          We champion reusable bags because they are much better for the environment than single-use alternatives. The plastic bags that we have become so accustomed to are hurting our planet because they are typically used only once and then discarded of which means that they quickly end up in a landfill or the ocean. Since plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, these bags release an alarming amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere as they sit in landfills.

          When you switch to reusable bags made from natural, organic or recycled materials, you are reducing your carbon footprint and supporting a healthier system that keeps goods in circulation for as long as possible.

          This is why we advocate for everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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