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Certified Bags

Our range of certified bags have all been accredited and independently audited by some of the most reputable organisations in the sustainability industry. This includes GRS, Fairtrade and GOTS certifications across many of our shopping bags, totes, drawstring pouches and more.
Every bag in this collection has been approved by the leading ethical chain supply service providers in order to earn its certification. This gives you complete peace of mind that you are investing in sustainable bags when you purchase from this range.
These certified bags are a great option for businesses who need promotional products for events, giveaways, gifting and more as they clearly showcase that you are embracing green practices.
Just add your branding or bespoke artwork to create a custom printed certified bag that will elevate your business and satisfy the demands of a society that is growing more and more eco-conscious.

Ecoduka® Certified Bags Collection

Organic Bags

Recycled Bags

Fairtrade Bags

Ecoduka™ Recron® GreenGold

Ecoduka™ CYCLO® with AWARE™ Tracers

Antimicrobial Bags

The certifications behind our certified bags

The eco-credentials of a bag are best proven by their certifications which, typically, verifies the sustainability of the material that has been used to make them. This is because, in order to earn a certification such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or GRS (Global Recycled Standard), the material must adhere to strict guidelines and comply with high-levels of environmental and social sustainability. Therefore, if one of our bags has a certification attached to it, then you can have full confidence that it is made from truly eco-friendly materials.

 Our certified bags fall under six categories: recycled, organic, fairtrade, antimicrobial, Recron® GreenGold and CYCLO® which means that they will have either a GRS, GOTS, Biomaster, Fairtade, Recron® and CYCLO® certification.

This is demonstrated by an outer woven label or the inner label of the product.

Make the switch from harmful plastic bags to reusable alternatives

Single-use plastic bags are contributing to the plastic pollution and excessive waste harming our planet so it is important that we find ways to replace them with a more sustainable alternative. Our certified bags are the solution.

 Every bag in this collection is made from certified materials that guarantee durability and a long lifespan to the finished product. As a result, you can reuse our certified bags time and time again which keeps these eco-friendly materials in circulation, and out of landfills, for as long as possible. This is unlike plastic bags which are designed for a single-use and end up being discarded and sent to landfills where they take hundreds of years to decompose.

 It is not just what happens at the end of a material’s useful life that determines its eco-credentials, but its impact on the environment during procurement of the raw fibre and production of the final fabric is hugely important too. All of the reusable bags in this collection are made using materials that have a much lower carbon footprint than plastic from the beginning to the very end of their journey.

Our popular certified bags

A selection of our most popular organic, Fairtrade and recycled bags
Organic Cotton Bag

Arum Fairtrade Cotton Tote Bag

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As low as £1.25

Ecoduka Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

Arbor Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

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As low as £1.25


The materials that we use to make our certified bags

This range of reusable bags includes totes, shoppers and pouches made from eco-friendly materials that all meet the guidelines set by various sustainability organisations. In this collection you will find bags made using recycled PET and different types of cotton and canvas, such as antimicrobial, organic, Fairtrade and recycled.

Certified bags are great promotional products for a greener business

Businesses have a responsibility to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint and help promote more environmentally-friendly ways of living as part of their corporate social responsibility. By removing excessive waste and plastic from your day-to-day practices, you are taking steps to become a greener business, and there is no better place to start than with plastic bags and packaging.

Our certified bags are a great sustainable alternative for product packaging, point-of-sale or as promotional merchandise for your business. You can easily add your branding or bespoke artwork to any of the reusable bags in this collection to create a custom-printed sustainable bag that can serve a
number of purposes for your business.

For example, an organic cotton tote bag can be used to replace plastic bags at checkouts or an rPET drawstring pouch works well for packaging jewellery and cosmetics. Start exploring our collection of certified bags with bulk discounts, professional printing services and fast delivery available.

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