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Party Gift Bags

Celebrate in style and make your special occasions unforgettable with our exquisite party gift bags. Each one is crafted from premium eco-friendly materials such as cotton, jute, and RPET, making these reusable bags sustainable and elegant. They’re the perfect finishing touch for weddings, birthdays, and any other special event where you want to leave guests with a lasting memory of the day.

Our collection of party gift bags offers a range of colour, style and size options to create beautiful and personalised party favours suitable to your theme and needs.
You can fill our drawstring pouches with sweets and treats for your baby shower, our mini jute bags with a hangover kit for your hen party, or our small cotton bags with cake and chocolate from your wedding.

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hessian-jute-bottle-bag1-bottle-jute-gift-bag-with-window-ecoduka1 Bottle Gift Bag

1 Bottle Gift Bag

Regular price £0.94 As low as £2.68
    Mini-hessian-gift-bag-with-windowSmall-Pink-jute-gift-bag-with-windowMini Gift Jute Bag with Window

    Mini Gift Jute Bag with Window

    Regular price

    As low as £1.66

    • Natural Jute
    • Light Pink
    • Lilac
    Rusable wine carrier pouchrustic jute bottle carrierGozo Jute Drawstring Bottle Pouch

    Gozo Jute Drawstring Bottle Pouch

    Regular price

    As low as £0.90

      Yew Small Cotton Gift Bagreusable-cotton-party-bagYew Small Cotton Gift Bag

      Yew Small Cotton Gift Bag

      Regular price

      As low as £0.57

        small-navy-cotton-bagsmall-grey-cotton-bagAlder Small Dyed Cotton Gift Bag

        Alder Small Dyed Cotton Gift Bag

        Regular price

        As low as £0.71

        • Black
        • Navy
        • Grey
        small-bags-party-bag-gift-bag-recycled-pet-rpet-recron-greengold-ecoduka-sustainable-mini-bagsmall-black-bag-recycled-pet-rpet-recron-greengold-ecoduka-sustainable-mini-bagRosa Recycled PET Recron® GreenGold Small Bag

        Rosa Recycled PET Recron® GreenGold Small Bag

        Regular price

        As low as £0.65

        • White
        • Black
        • Navy
        small-black-lunch-bagsmall-pink-lunch-bagNuku Small Jute Lunch Bag

        Nuku Small Jute Lunch Bag

        Regular price

        As low as £1.88

        • Black
        • Blue
        • Red
        • Green
        • Pink
        • Natural Jute
        • Turquoise
        • Burgundy
        Small Jute Gift Bagmini-jute-bagBabi Small Hessian Gift Bag

        Babi Small Hessian Gift Bag

        Regular price

        As low as £1.54

          lightweight-cotton-drawstring-pouchesReusable-cotton-pouchesElm Drawstring Cotton Pouches

          Elm Drawstring Cotton Pouches

          Regular price £0.47 As low as £1.34
            organic-cotton-pouchesAlysaa Organic Cotton Drawstring BagAlysaa Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

            Alysaa Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

            Regular price £0.59 As low as £1.50
              fairtrade-cotton-pouches-certified-by-fairtradeLarge-fairtrade-cotton-pouchHazel Fairtrade Cotton Pouch

              Hazel Fairtrade Cotton Pouch

              Regular price £0.74 As low as £2.10
                Large Jute PouchMedium Jute PouchTahiti Jute Drawstring Pouches

                Tahiti Jute Drawstring Pouches

                Regular price £0.61 As low as £1.74
                  large-black-cotton-pouchmedium-black-cotton-pouchLaurel Black Drawstring Cotton Pouches

                  Laurel Black Drawstring Cotton Pouches

                  Regular price £0.74 As low as £2.12
                    drawstring-bags-recycled-pet-rpet-pouch-made-from-plastic-bottles-ecodukawhite-drawstring-bag-recycled-pet-rpet-pouch-made-from-plastic-bottlesAcer Recycled PET Recron®GreenGold Drawstring Pouch

                    Acer Recycled PET Recron®GreenGold Drawstring Pouch

                    Regular price

                    As low as £0.63

                    • White
                    • Black
                    • Navy
                    jute-mesh-net-pouchNatural Jute Mesh PouchNatural Jute Mesh Pouch

                    Natural Jute Mesh Pouch

                    Regular price

                    As low as £2.77

                      Santo Medium Jute BagSanto Medium Jute Bag

                      Santo Medium Jute Bag

                      Regular price

                      As low as £1.84

                        Sweet Pea Bottle BagSweet Pea Bottle BagSweet Pea Bottle Bag

                        Sweet Pea Bottle Bag

                        Regular price

                        As low as £0.88

                        • Green
                        • Red
                        Sweet Pea Jar BagSweet Pea Jar BagSweet Pea Jar Bag

                        Sweet Pea Jar Bag

                        Regular price

                        As low as £1.68

                        • Red
                        • Green

                        Businesses can also add their logo or bespoke artwork to any of our party gift bags to create a printed reusable bag for gifting or packaging purposes. They are great for event bags that can be handed out at trade shows and exhibitions, or gift bags for your clients and employees as a sign of appreciation for their loyalty. Just select the style, colour and material that you prefer or that aligns with your brand, and create a promotional party gift bag that can take your business to another level.

                        Bring sustainability to your party gift bags

                        Our party gift bags are designed with sustainability in mind. Made from high-quality cotton, jute, and RPET (recycled PET), they provide a stylish alternative to traditional gift-wrapping options which use harmful materials such as paper. By choosing these reusable bags, you contribute to a greener planet and promote eco-conscious gifting. Additionally, reusable gift bags often feature durable materials that can withstand multiple uses, ensuring their longevity and further reducing the need for disposable alternatives. Apart from their environmental benefits, reusable party gift bags also offer convenience to both gift-givers and recipients. They eliminate the hassle of wrapping presents, as they can be easily reused and require minimal effort to prepare for each celebration. You are also giving recipients the additional gift of a bag that they can either reuse for gifting or make use of elsewhere.

                        Enhance any party with our beautiful sustainable gift bags

                        With our reusable party gift bags, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, baby shower, hen do or any other special occasion, these bags provide a versatile canvas for your creativity. Fill them with delightful surprises, heartfelt messages, or personalised tokens of appreciation. Let your imagination take centre stage as you curate unique and meaningful gifts that will be treasured long after the event. Our collection is quite varied with simple small cotton bags in black, blue or grey, drawstring pouches in various sizes and jute bottle bags for those who have a very specific gift in mind. From the wide range of colours, different sizes and a variety of materials to choose from, you can enhance your event in the most impactful way.

                        What can you put in a party gift bag?

                        A party gift bag is not just for kids’ birthdays. No matter what age or event there is a place for party favours. They are a popular finishing touch for weddings, birthdays and hen do’s and can be distributed to your guests before they leave as a memento of the big day and a small gesture to say thank you for coming. Depending on the event or the theme, a party gift bag can be filled with a wide range of items. The most common products include chocolates and sweets, mini bottles of alcohol, skincare, stationery, mini cosmetics and small accessories.

                        Choosing the right reusable party gift bag for your business needs

                        Printed party gift bags offer businesses a fantastic opportunity to make a lasting impression on clients, employees, and customers while promoting sustainability and reinforcing their brand identity. These reusable gift bags can be customised with your bespoke artwork or branding to create a printed bag that can be used for corporate gifting or product packaging. Party gift bags provide a tangible and thoughtful way to express gratitude, foster brand loyalty, and enhance the overall customer or employee experience. The versatility and customisable nature of these bags make them a valuable tool for businesses looking to leave a positive and eco-friendly impression.

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