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Toiletry Bags

Toiletry bags are an essential item for those who love to travel and do so often, as well as for everyday use and storage. They are designed to hold personal care items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoos, deodorant and other products associated with personal hygiene and usually kept in the bathroom.

Our impressive collection of toiletry bags boasts a diverse range of zipped pouches and small drawstring bags made from eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton and jute. This ensures that each toiletry bag is sustainable and has minimal impact on the environment during production and disposal. Furthermore, eco-friendly toiletry bags are durable and hardwearing which gives them a long lifespan making them a worthwhile investment.

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Bluebell Canvas Makeup Bag12oz-canvas-cosmetic-bagBluebell Canvas Makeup Bag

Bluebell Canvas Makeup Bag

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As low as £4.55

    16oz-natural-canvas-pouch-ykkykk-gold-zipper-leather-pullerRosemary 16oz Canvas Pouch

    Rosemary 16oz Canvas Pouch

    Regular price

    As low as £3.55

      Statice Denim Makeup BagStatice Denim Makeup Bag

      Statice Denim Makeup Bag

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      As low as £1.84

        Black Cosmetic BagPetunia Black Canvas Makeup Bag

        Petunia Black Canvas Makeup Bag

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        As low as £2.46

          Promotional Cosmetic BagLilium Canvas Cosmetic Bag

          Lilium Canvas Cosmetic Bag

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          As low as £2.23

            Lili-reycled-canvas-pouch-rpet-sustainably-sourced    Lila-reycled-cosmetic-pouch-with-aware-tagLila Recycled Canvas Cosmetic Bag with AWARE™ Tracer Technology
            16oz-canvas-pouchSorrel Premium Black Canvas PouchSorrel Premium Black Canvas Pouch

            Sorrel Premium Black Canvas Pouch

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            As low as £4.42

              organic-cotton-pouchesAlysaa Organic Cotton Drawstring BagAlysaa Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

              Alysaa Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

              Regular price £0.59 As low as £1.50
                fairtrade-cotton-pouches-certified-by-fairtradeLarge-fairtrade-cotton-pouchHazel Fairtrade Cotton Pouch

                Hazel Fairtrade Cotton Pouch

                Regular price £0.74 As low as £2.10
                  lightweight-cotton-drawstring-pouchesReusable-cotton-pouchesElm Drawstring Cotton Pouches

                  Elm Drawstring Cotton Pouches

                  Regular price £0.47 As low as £1.34
                    Large Jute PouchMedium Jute PouchTahiti Jute Drawstring Pouches

                    Tahiti Jute Drawstring Pouches

                    Regular price £0.61 As low as £1.74
                      Organic-cotton-mesh-produce-bagsreusable-cotton-produce-bagCalix Organic Cotton Mesh Drawstring Produce Bags

                      Calix Organic Cotton Mesh Drawstring Produce Bags

                      Regular price

                      As low as £1.81

                        posy-recycled-canvas-pouch-cyclo-recycled-fibres-awareposy-recycled-zippered-pouch-sustainable-supply-chain-aware-blockchainPosy Recycled Flat Canvas Pouch with AWARE™ Tracer Technology
                        Organic Canvas Pencil CaseDaffodil Organic Canvas Pencil CaseDaffodil Organic Canvas Pencil Case

                        Daffodil Organic Canvas Pencil Case

                        Regular price

                        As low as £1.11

                          Fairtrade Pencil CaseAspen Fairtrade Canvas Pencil Case

                          Aspen Fairtrade Canvas Pencil Case

                          Regular price

                          As low as £0.84

                            Peony Canvas Pencil CasePeony Canvas Pencil Case

                            Peony Canvas Pencil Case

                            Regular price

                            As low as £1.76

                              rustic jute pencil casehessian pencil caseNova Jute Pencil Case

                              Nova Jute Pencil Case

                              Regular price

                              As low as £1.25

                                You can even add your branding or bespoke artwork to create a printed toiletry bag for promotional purposes, gifting and more. It’s a great marketing opportunity for beauty or travel businesses, as well as plastic-free packaging option.


                                Explore our toiletry bags made from eco-friendly materials

                                It’s important for toiletry bags to be durable, easy to clean and hard-wearing as they will most often be used for travelling and will be carrying items that may leak. This means that wash bags experience a lot of wear and tear in their lifespan. Fortunately, due to the fact that we only work with sustainable materials, our collection of toiletry bags are all fit for the job. We have used renewable and natural materials, such as organic canvas, Fairtrade cotton and jute, to design this range of reusable toiletry bags to ensure a high-quality end product that has a lower carbon footprint than those made using synthetic materials.


                                A wide range of toiletry bags for all needs and styles

                                Wash bags are great for those who want to keep their bathroom essentials organised, or that travel often as they offer a secure place to store your toiletries whilst on the go. It can make packing for holidays and trips more efficient, as well as making it a lot easier to find your toiletries when you need them. It can also reduce the effects of any spillages that may happen during transit acting as barrier between your liquids, lotions and powders and everything else in your suitcase or bag. When choosing a toiletry bag, there are several factors to consider. First, you’ll want to think about the size and capacity of the bag.

                                If you travel frequently or have a lot of toiletries, you may need a larger bag with multiple compartments. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a simple way to store your essentials at home, a smaller bag may suffice. We stock a range of sizes (small, medium and large) to cater to all needs.Then, you also need to decide on which type of closure is more suitable for you as we offer the choice of drawstrings or zips. Both are easy to use and provide ample security to keep your items safe, so the decision may be based on personal preference rather than functionality. We even have a few colour options, including a black canvas pouch and a denim makeup bag, so you can purchase a toiletry bag that aligns with your personal style too. Our collection of toiletry bags are quite versatile which means they can also be used for makeup and cosmetics, or even as a pencil case to store stationery.


                                Create a printed or branded toiletry bag for your business

                                If you're looking for a unique and practical way to promote your business, consider creating a printed or branded toiletry bag using the stock in our collection. Not only will this item serve as a useful gift for your customers or employees, but it will also help increase brand recognition and awareness in a sustainable way. You can choose from a range of eco-friendly materials, several colour options to match to your corporate colours, and various styles to design a printed toiletry bag that represents your brand in the best way. You can then add your logo or bespoke artwork to create a branded product that truly stands out from the competition. This is a brilliant marketing opportunity for beauty brands, cosmetic companies and travel-related businesses that want to gift their customers or expand their product offering in a creative and fun way.

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