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Tote Bag Materials

All of the materials used in the making of our reusable bags are ethically-sourced and fall under at least one of the following categories to ensure that they have a low carbon footprint: natural, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or organic.

By using eco-friendly materials, such as cotton, jute and rPET, to create our totes, we can offer the most eco-friendly alternatives to single-use bags.
Below you can find our full range of material options when it comes to our reusable totes.

Eco-friendly materials to make the greenest of totes

When choosing a tote bag, whether it be for shopping, work or promotional merchandise for your business, it doesn't get any greener than this collection - and that is all because of the materials that they are made from.

Each material is not only eco-friendly, but has appealing features that make it great for different purposes. The cotton totes are stylish and easy to print on, the jute totes are durable and sturdy and the non-woven totes are strong and lightweight.

Explore our full range of materials on offer and select a tote bag that has everything you need to get the job done.

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