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Drawstring Gift Bags

Gift wrapping has never been easier, or more eco-friendly, with our drawstring gift bags. Made from ethically-sourced jute, cotton and rPET, and with a secure closure and various size options available, you can now say goodbye to the frustrating task of wrapping small or awkwardly shaped presents by opting for these convenient drawstring pouches instead.

They provide individuals with a more eco-friendly method of storing and transporting gifts for special events, such as Christmas and birthdays, or for packaging party favours at a wedding. Even after being used as a gift bag, these reusable products can go on to serve other uses for the recipient. Our mesh drawstring bags are practical shopping bags for produce, our cotton pouches are perfect for storing jewellery, and our rPET drawstring bags are useful for toiletries when travelling.

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drawstring-bags-recycled-pet-rpet-pouch-made-from-plastic-bottles-ecodukawhite-drawstring-bag-recycled-pet-rpet-pouch-made-from-plastic-bottlesAcer Recycled PET Recron®GreenGold Drawstring Pouch

Acer Recycled PET Recron®GreenGold Drawstring Pouch

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  • White
  • Black
  • Navy
lightweight-cotton-drawstring-pouchesReusable-cotton-pouchesElm Drawstring Cotton Pouches

Elm Drawstring Cotton Pouches

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    large-black-cotton-pouchmedium-black-cotton-pouchLaurel Black Drawstring Cotton Pouches

    Laurel Black Drawstring Cotton Pouches

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      Large Jute PouchMedium Jute PouchTahiti Jute Drawstring Pouches

      Tahiti Jute Drawstring Pouches

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        jute-mesh-net-pouchNatural Jute Mesh PouchNatural Jute Mesh Pouch

        Natural Jute Mesh Pouch

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          organic-cotton-pouchesAlysaa Organic Cotton Drawstring BagAlysaa Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

          Alysaa Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

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            fairtrade-cotton-pouches-certified-by-fairtradeLarge-fairtrade-cotton-pouchHazel Fairtrade Cotton Pouch

            Hazel Fairtrade Cotton Pouch

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              Organic-cotton-mesh-produce-bagsreusable-cotton-produce-bagCalix Organic Cotton Mesh Drawstring Produce Bags

              Calix Organic Cotton Mesh Drawstring Produce Bags

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                Businesses can print their logo or branding onto any of these drawstring gift bags to create a custom-printed pouch that can help enhance your brand in many ways. Whether they are used to gift employees or clients or as branded packaging for your products, printed gift bags are a simple yet creative way to market your business.

                Drawstring gift bags are a practical and sustainable way of gifting

                Drawstring gift bags have become increasingly popular as a practical and sustainable way of gifting. Unlike traditional wrapping paper, drawstring gift bags can be reused over and over again. The drawstring pouches in our collection are made from rPET, natural cotton, Fairtrade cotton, organic cotton and jute. This creates bags that are durable, high-quality and long-lasting, as well as products that enable you to make a conscious effort to reduce waste and protect the environment. In addition, drawstring gift bags are practical as they make it easier to wrap gifts which might be a bit more difficult when using wrapping paper.

                This is particularly true with small or oddly shaped items. Using a drawstring gift bag instead can make the tiresome and challenging task of wrapping a lot easier, especially at Christmas when you often have many presents to wrap.

                Our diverse collection of drawstring gift bags

                We offer a wide range of drawstring gift bags available in different sizes, colours and styles so that you can find the right one for your needs. You’ll find drawstrings bag in colours like natural cotton and jute, navy and black, and in small, medium and large sizes. This allows you the scope to find the most suitable gift pouch for your items so whether you are getting a loved one some candles for Christmas, or a perfume for your best friend on their birthday, there is a sustainable option here for you. This versatility also means that these reusable gift bags can have a purpose beyond just that of a replacement for wrapping paper.

                As well as, or instead of, being purchased with the intent to wrap gifts, these drawstring pouches can serve as bags for storing small items, such as jewellery or coins, at home or when travelling, for party favours at weddings and other gatherings, or for shopping. Our mesh drawstring bags, for example, are great for picking up fresh produce from the supermarket. This gives you the opportunity to implement more sustainable living and reduce your carbon footprint across more areas of your life.

                Create printed drawstring gift bags that will enhance your business

                Whether you’re gifting your employees on their birthday or clients for their loyalty, or need a plastic-free way of packaging your products, this collection of small drawstring bags is the perfect solution. They are the ideal size for retail brands that sell delicate jewellery, skincare, cosmetics and perfumes and want to invest in more sustainable business practices starting with their packaging. A drawstring gift bag adds a beautiful finish to your product and enhances your customer experience by providing them with a thoughtful and practical bag that they can continue to use for storage or other purposes.

                You can even add your bespoke artwork or branding to the reusable gift bag to create a printed drawstring bag that will make even more of an impact and help build brand awareness. 

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