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PE Bag

Pack your little ones sports kit in one of our sustainable PE bags made from rPET, cotton and non-woven PP. This small yet mighty collection of durable, reusable bags includes a range of colours and styles that give you the opportunity to invest in a stylish and eco-friendly gym bag that your kids will be happy to carry to school.

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Red Drawstring rPET Gym BagBlack Drawstring rPET Gym BagClematis rPET Drawstring Bag

Clematis rPET Drawstring Bag

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  • Black
  • Navy
  • White
  • Purple
  • Red
Tansy Cotton Drawstring Gym BagTansy Cotton Drawstring Gym Bag

Tansy Cotton Drawstring Gym Bag

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    drawstring-bag-made-from-plastic-bottles-rpet-ecoduka-gym-bagblack-drawstring-bag-made-from-plastic-bottles-rpet-ecoduka-gym-bagAmaryllis Recycled PET Recron® GreenGold Drawstring Bag

    Amaryllis Recycled PET Recron® GreenGold Drawstring Bag

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    • White
    • Black
    • Navy
    Black-Cotton-drawstring-Bag-backpackHosta Black Cotton Drawstring Bag

    Hosta Black Cotton Drawstring Bag

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      Promotional Canvas Gym BagSaffron Canvas Duffle Bag

      Saffron Canvas Duffle Bag

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        Promotional Cotton Gym BagAnthos Lightweight Cotton Gym Bag

        Anthos Lightweight Cotton Gym Bag

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          School PE bags made from a variety of eco-friendly materials

          The special ingredient in our PE bags, and what makes them and all of our other reusable bags so sustainable, is the materials used to make them. We take great care in choosing materials that have as little negative impact on the environment as possible in our continued mission to protect the planet. In this collection, you’ll find gym bags and backpacks made from cotton, canvas, rPET and non-woven PP all of which have been ethically-sourced and carefully selected for their practicality, durability and eco-credentials. Our Amaryllis Recycled PET Recron® GreenGold Drawstring Bag, for example, is made from five recycled plastic water bottles and is GRS certified – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

          The materials also have other benefits and characteristics that make them more functional as a gym or PE bag for certain sports and activities than others. Recycled PET is water-resistant and non-woven PP is waterproof so backpacks made from either of these materials are excellent choices for kids that like to swim and need somewhere safe and convenient to store their swimming costume and accessories. Whereas cotton PE bags are ideal for outdoor sports, like football or rugby, because they are easy to clean so any exposure to dirt and mud won’t ruin the bag.

          If your children play football, love to go swimming, participate in dance classes, or just need somewhere to carry and store their kit for the weekly PE lessons at primary school, then our gym bags provide the space and convenience to meet all your needs – whatever those may be. The variety of colours, styles and sizes works for boys and girls of all ages so that all kids can play the sport they enjoy whilst getting involved in sustainable living. There is also the opportunity for schools and promotional companies to add their branding to the surface of any of these PE bags using screen printing, heat transfer, digital printing or any other professional branding technique. The result is a custom-printed gym bag that promotes their organisation and sustainability.

          Choose a PE bag style that will keep your kids happy

          Finding a PE bag that your children love and want to wear to school can be a battle. Fortunately, we stock a range of gym bags that boys and girls will adore so you are sure to find one that will put a smile on your kids’ faces. Our canvas zipper duffle is more suited for older children, especially those who play sports such as football, and need something a little larger with more space for their kit and equipment. It’s extremely versatile as it can also be used an overnight bag, a carry-on for holidays or a gym bag for you too.

          The other gym bags in this collection have drawstring closures that are great for younger kids. They keep the contents inside safe and are easy for children to open and close by themselves. Not to mention it can be comfortably worn on the back as a backpack for those who have a long journey to and from school. You can also opt for a drawstring bag in your childrens’ favourite colour (or their school colours) with the option of Black, Blue, White, Red or Purple.

          PE and gym bags that can be branded for your business

          If you’re a primary or secondary school, sports academy, swimming club or leisure centre, then these PE bags offer the perfect promotional opportunity for your organisation. With the ability to print your logo, business name or bespoke artwork onto any of these sports bags and backpacks, you can create a bold marketing tool in the form of a custom-printed gym bag for kids and adults alike.

          This is particularly useful for educational institutions who may want to create branded PE bags that can be sold as part of the school uniform so that their students look smart and cohesive. It helps to uphold a strong image of the school as students travel to and from, as well as establishing a team spirit with the school grounds that can have a positive impact on children. You may even be able to find a PE bag in your school colours as we stock them in Black, Blue, White, Red and Purple. This means that you can create a custom school sports bag that aligns perfectly with your branding.

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