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Tote Bag Style

When looking for the right eco-friendly tote bag for your personal needs or business, you should start by considering the style of bag that will work best for you.
If you want a sustainable replacement for plastic carrier bags, then our shoppers or large tote bags are a great option; whereas, if you want something stylish that you can wear day to day or offer your customers as a promotional giveaway, then our premium or crossbody totes are more suitable.
Start your journey into sustainability today by browsing our collection of tote styles...

Choosing the right tote style

Totes are the most popular type of bag on the market and one of its most appealing features is its sheer versatility. There are many tote styles that you can choose from for your individual needs or for business purposes so it is important to understand which is the most effective for you.

A classic tote, for example, is typically used as a promotional bag for businesses at events and a small tote works well as an eco-friendly gift bag, whilst a crossbody tote makes for a great everyday bag for works and days out.

The best way to decide which tote style is right for you is to start by outlining the main purpose of the bag - shopping, storage, gifting - and the features that the bag will need in order to fulfil this purpose. If in doubt, you can speak to one of our experts who will help you find the best tote style.

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