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Beach Tote Bag

If there is one thing that is needed when visiting the beach or relaxing by the pool, it is a reliable beach tote bag. These large, spacious bags can accommodate all of your beach essentials, including towels, sunscreen, reusable water bottles and snacks, as well as being a stylish holiday accessory that complements your summer outfit.

 Our collection of sustainable beach totes are made from eco-friendly materials, such as jute and canvas, making them durable and hard-wearing to ensure that the bag stays in great condition no matter how many times you use it. This means that you don’t need to buy a new beach bag every summer, saving you money and keeping your carbon footprint low.

 A beach tote bag also makes a great promotional product or gift for brands that want to reach their customers in a fun and stylish way. It’s both a functional and fashionable beach accessory that aligns well with travel agents, summer/beachwear fashion brands and holiday resort companies. Your branding can be added to the large surface area of these sustainable bags to create a printed beach tote that will provide value to your target audience.

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Canvas Bag with Drawstring ClosureDaisy Canvas Drawstring Beach Bag

Daisy Canvas Drawstring Beach Bag

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As low as £3.92

    Canvas Bag with ZipperPetal Canvas Bag With Zipper

    Petal Canvas Bag With Zipper

    Regular price

    As low as £2.98

      jute-mesh-shopping-bag-net-toteNatural Jute Mesh Shopping BagNatural Jute Mesh Shopping Bag

      Natural Jute Mesh Shopping Bag

      Regular price

      As low as £3.52

        jute-mesh-tote-bag-jute-nettingNatural Jute Mesh Tote BagNatural Jute Mesh Tote Bag

        Natural Jute Mesh Tote Bag

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        As low as £5.04

          recycled-canvas-bag-grs-certified-global-recycled-standardLily Recycled Canvas Shopping Bag with Full Gusset
          Cosmos Canvas BagCosmos Washed Canvas Beach Bag

          Cosmos Washed Canvas Beach Bag

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          As low as £7.05

            Foxglove Organic Canvas Tote BagFoxglove Organic Canvas Tote BagFoxglove Organic Canvas Tote Bag

            Foxglove Organic Canvas Tote Bag

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            As low as £2.93

              Flax Dyed Canvas Shopping BagFlax Dyed Canvas Shopping Bag

              Flax Dyed Canvas Shopping Bag

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              As low as £2.20

                Black jute beach bagnatural bag with coloured baseFiji Jute Beach Bag

                Fiji Jute Beach Bag

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                As low as £2.88

                • Black
                • Blue
                • Green
                • Red
                Camellia Canvas BagCamellia Large Canvas Tote Bag

                Camellia Large Canvas Tote Bag

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                As low as £5.95

                  Black 10oz Canvas BagBegonia Black Canvas Shopper

                  Begonia Black Canvas Shopper

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                  As low as £2.40

                    Royal Blue Canvas Bagcoloured canvas tote bags by ecodukaViola Premium Coloured Canvas Bag

                    Viola Premium Coloured Canvas Bag

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                    As low as £2.88

                    • Black
                    • Yellow
                    • Red
                    • White
                    • Hunter Green
                    • Pink
                    • Navy
                    • Orange
                    • Coral Pink
                    • Emerald Green
                    • Grey
                    • Burgundy
                    • Purple
                    • Turquoise
                    • Royal Blue
                    Yarrow Canvas Tote With Rope HandlesYarrow Canvas Tote With Rope Handles

                    Yarrow Canvas Tote With Rope Handles

                    Regular price

                    As low as £3.43

                      Zinnia Black Canvas Tote BagZinnia Black Canvas Tote Bag

                      Zinnia Black Canvas Tote Bag

                      Regular price

                      As low as £2.44

                        8oz canvas tote bagLoto 8oz Canvas Tote Bag

                        Loto 8oz Canvas Tote Bag

                        Regular price

                        As low as £1.46

                          Papey Jute Tote Bag with Bottom GussetPapey Jute Tote Bag with Bottom Gusset

                          Papey Jute Tote Bag with Bottom Gusset

                          Regular price

                          As low as £1.30

                            Promotional Cotton Gym BagAnthos Lightweight Cotton Gym Bag

                            Anthos Lightweight Cotton Gym Bag

                            Regular price

                            As low as £1.93

                              Beach bags that are built to last

                              Our collection of beach bags are made from eco-friendly materials with the choice of jute, canvas and cotton. These materials, in particular, have been selected due to their durability and strength which are essential features of a bag that will be used to carry a lot of items and be exposed to many elements. They are also easy to clean which is important for a tote bag that will be sat on a sandy beach or damp and dirty poolside for the duration of its life. Jute beach bags are hardwearing and sturdy, making them ideal for carrying all of your beach essentials, whilst cotton and canvas offer a more minimalistic and modern style that makes them perfect for completing a summer outfit. No matter which beach bag you choose, you’ll be investing in a stylish and eco-friendly holiday accessory that is perfect for any outdoor activity and will last you many uses.

                              Explore our diverse range of sustainable beach totes

                              Our collection of beach bags are designed with sustainability at the forefront and functionality not far behind. This is why we offer a versatile range of beach totes that can cater to all needs, styles and preferences. Space is a key component to a good beach bag because there needs to be enough room for it to hold all of your beach essentials, some of which can be quite large items, such as towels and reusable water bottles. Every tote bag in this collection is big and spacious enough to carry everything you could possibly need for a fun and relaxing trip to the beach or day by the pool.

                              You can opt for a more medium-sized beach bag if you prefer to pack light, or a large tote if you need the added space. Some even have bottom and side gussets to maximise the room so that you can fit everything inside this one beach bag. We also offer a range of styles so that you can find the beach tote that meets your requirements. Our beach bags come with a variety of closing options, such as zips and drawstrings if security is a priority, or no closure at all if you prefer the convenience of swiftly slipping items in and out of your bag. They can be worn and carried in a number of ways, such as a crossbody bag, a simple tote that can be carried in one hand, or a shoulder bag with longer handles.Then there are our colour options, from black and natural to one bag that comes in fifteen different colours.

                              Design a beach tote bag to promote your business

                              Beach bags have great potential as a promotional product for businesses that want to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. They work particularly well for businesses, organisations, or events that relate to the beach, travel, or leisure. Promotional beach bags can be customised with your company's logo, message, or design, and given away as gifts, prizes or even sold as a product in your retail store. Their entire purpose means that they will be seen by people all over the world as beach totes are often taken on day trips as well as holidays. This gives your brand potential exposure that cannot be replicated with billboards or social media advertising making it a worthwhile investment for your business.

                              Another consideration is the design of your beach tote. Being that it is a bag associated with summer and holidays, there is an expectation for it to be a little more visually exciting than an everyday tote or shopping bag. Therefore, designing a promotional beach bag gives you more freedom, as well as a large print area, when it comes to the artwork so you can make a real impact by using bright and bold colours or playful patterns as well incorporating your branding and logo. 

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