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Gym Tote Bag

This versatile and eco-friendly collection of tote bags is perfect for gym enthusiasts who prioritise both convenience and sustainability. Made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, such as rPET and cotton, these tote bags offer a safe and stylish way to carry gym essentials while minimising the use of single-use plastics.

With spacious compartments and durable straps, they can comfortably accommodate workout gear, water bottles, towels, and even shoes. Each bag is designed with an active lifestyle in mind, and these gym tote bags are not only practical but also reflect a commitment to sustainable living.

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Tansy Cotton Drawstring Gym BagTansy Cotton Drawstring Gym Bag

Tansy Cotton Drawstring Gym Bag

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    Red Drawstring rPET Gym BagBlack Drawstring rPET Gym BagClematis rPET Drawstring Bag

    Clematis rPET Drawstring Bag

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    • Black
    • Navy
    • White
    • Purple
    • Red
    drawstring-bag-made-from-plastic-bottles-rpet-ecoduka-gym-bagblack-drawstring-bag-made-from-plastic-bottles-rpet-ecoduka-gym-bagAmaryllis Recycled PET Recron® GreenGold Drawstring Bag

    Amaryllis Recycled PET Recron® GreenGold Drawstring Bag

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    • White
    • Black
    • Navy
    Black-Cotton-drawstring-Bag-backpackHosta Black Cotton Drawstring Bag

    Hosta Black Cotton Drawstring Bag

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      Promotional Canvas Gym BagSaffron Canvas Duffle Bag

      Saffron Canvas Duffle Bag

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        Blossom Canvas Tote BagBlossom Canvas Tote Bag

        Blossom Canvas Tote Bag

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          Promotional Cotton Gym BagAnthos Lightweight Cotton Gym Bag

          Anthos Lightweight Cotton Gym Bag

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            Canvas Bag with Drawstring ClosureDaisy Canvas Drawstring Beach Bag

            Daisy Canvas Drawstring Beach Bag

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              They also offer businesses a brilliant marketing opportunity, particularly those in the health and fitness industries such as sportswear brands, leisure centres and spas. You can select a gym tote bag from this collection that aligns with your audience and customers, then add your bespoke artwork to create a printed gym bag that will impress all those who see it.


              The benefits of our stylish and sustainable gym tote bags

              Sustainable gym tote bags offer a range of benefits for environmentally conscious gym-goers. These eco-friendly bags are designed to minimise waste and reduce the use of single-use plastics, making them a greener alternative for carrying gym essentials. One of the key features of these tote bags is their drawstring closures, which provide easy access to belongings while securely keeping them in place during workouts.

              The sturdy handles on each bag ensure comfortable carrying, even when the bag is loaded with heavy items such as water bottles or gym equipment. It also provides users with the option of carrying the bag like a backpack, across the body or on one shoulder for style and comfort. Additionally, these bags are made from durable materials like rPET and canvas, offering long-lasting performance and reducing the need for frequent replacements. By choosing sustainable gym tote bags, individuals can not only contribute to the preservation of the environment but also enjoy the convenience and reliability of features such as drawstring closures, sturdy handles, and durable materials.


              Explore our diverse range of gym totes

              Our diverse range of gym totes provides you with more than enough options to find the perfect bag for your style and needs. When it comes to our eco-friendly materials, we have the option of rPET, cotton and canvas which each offer unique benefits and finishes from being water-resistant to soft on the skin. We also offer a few colour choices, such as red, navy and white, so you can pick a gym bag that matches your preferences – or your gym wear. Furthermore, our styles range from simple drawstring backpacks that are also great for hiking, PE kits and festivals, to a classic tote with a gusset that can double as an everyday bag. Whether you are picking up a new gym bag for yourself, or looking for the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life, then this collection has something for everyone!


              Design a printed gym tote that will add value to your business

              Printed gym tote bags offer businesses a fantastic opportunity to build brand awareness and make a lasting impression on their customers. By customising these sustainable bags with their logo, slogan, or unique design, businesses can showcase their brand identity and create a strong visual presence. These functional and stylish tote bags serve as walking billboards, as customers carry them to the gym, yoga classes, or other fitness activities, attracting attention from a wide audience. Furthermore, gifting customers with printed gym tote bags demonstrates a gesture of appreciation, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

              With their practicality and versatility, these bags become valuable accessories that customers will use repeatedly, ensuring continued exposure for the brand. Whether used as promotional giveaways or exclusive gifts, printed gym tote bags provide businesses with an effective marketing tool to elevate their brand image, increase visibility, and foster a positive connection with their valued customers. They’re the perfect promotional product for gyms, spas, leisure centres, schools, sports teams, sportswear brands, activity centres and personal trainers.

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