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Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are one of the most practical types of bags you can own and this collection of sustainable cooler bags are no different with the added bonus of being made from eco-friendly materials. Thanks to being well-insulated, travel-friendly accessories, they’re the perfect container for your food and drinks when having a picnic or taking a day trip, particularly our large cooler bags. They can even be used as a sustainable replacement for harmful plastic lunch boxes or paper bags used to carry food.

You can also add your logo or bespoke artwork to any of these cooler bags to create a custom-printed picnic or lunch bag. It’s a brilliant promotional product idea that will have impact and give the recipient something of value that they can use whenever they need a safe place to keep their snacks and beverages cool whilst on the go. It’s a great eco-friendly printed bag option for businesses in the travel, holiday or drinks sector or those that sell summer-related products.

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Jute Cooler BagTapu Jute Cooler Bag

Tapu Jute Cooler Bag

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    Canvas Cooler BagCedar Canvas Cooler Bag

    Cedar Canvas Cooler Bag

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      Recycled-polyester-insulated-cooler-bagrecycled-pet-cooler-bagLarge rPET Cooler Bag

      Large rPET Cooler Bag

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        small-rpet-insulated-bagblack-recycled-polyester-cooler-bag-insulated-rpet-bagSmall rPET Cooler Bag

        Small rPET Cooler Bag

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          The benefits of an eco-friendly cooler bag

          Eco-friendly cooler bags are becoming increasingly popular as people grow more environmentally conscious and seek out sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bags. These insulated bags are designed to keep your lunch and snacks cool and fresh, while also reducing the amount of waste generated by traditional cooler bags. One of the key benefits of our eco-friendly cooler bags is that they are made from sustainable materials, such as recycled plastic, canvas and jute.

          These materials are durable and long-lasting which means they create cooler bags that can be reused many times. This makes them a great choice for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by creating less waste, and can even help to save money over time as users won’t have to keep buying a new cooler bag every few months. In addition, our eco-friendly cooler bags have other useful features, such as insulation and waterproofing, to ensure that they are both practical, travel-friendly and functional. This means that they can be used in a variety of settings, from picnics and camping trips to beach days and outdoor events.

          Choosing a cooler bag for your needs

          Though our collection of cooler bags might be small, it caters to every need and personal preference that you may have. To start, each cooler bag is lined with a thick foil padding to keep the bag insulated and ensure that you’re the contents inside stays chilled even in the hottest temperatures.

          This makes them an effective way to store and carry your food and drinks when outside, especially during the summer months. Also, every one of our cooler bags also has a zip closure to keep everything inside safe and secure, and a comfortable handle making it easy to carry in the hand or on the shoulder. Even the small details found on our eco-friendly cooler bags have been carefully considered to make them more practical. For example, each one has a large front pocket that can be used for additional storage space which is useful for picnics and camping where you may want to carry other items that don’t need to be kept cool.

          Our range of cooler bags come in a number of sizes, ranging from small lunch boxes to large capacity tote-style coolers that can hold enough snacks and drinks for multiple people or a small gathering. This gives you the ability to purchase a cooler bag that provides enough space for its primary purpose whether that be as a replacement for your child’s school lunch box, or as a method of storing chilled drinks for an outdoor event. Most importantly, as with all of our reusable bags, our cooler bag collection offers several choices when it comes to eco-friendly materials. There is a canvas cooler that provides style and durability, a cooler made from jute so that it is strong and biodegradable, and our black rPET coolers which are easy to clean and waterproof.

          Create a printed cooler bag for promotional purposes, gifting and more

          Printed cooler bags are a popular promotional item for businesses looking to increase their brand visibility and connect with their customers in a unique way. These bags are perfect lunch boxes, or can be for outdoor events, picnics and other occasions usually associated with spring or summer where keeping food and beverages cold is essential. Promotional cooler bags offer a practical and functional way to promote your brand while also providing a useful item to your customers. By adding your logo or bespoke artwork to one of our sustainable cooler bags, you can create a walking advertisement that will be seen by potential customers at the beach, park and other outdoor locations. 

          This particular style of reusable bag is ideal promotion or packaging for restaurants, wineries, fitness clubs, retailers, events companies and travel agencies. It aligns perfectly with these types of businesses and their products or services.

          One of the biggest benefits of printed cooler bags is that they offer a large surface area for branding and messaging. Therefore, once you add your logo or bespoke artwork the user will build awareness of your business every time they carry their cooler bag out of the house.So why not consider adding our eco-friendly cooler bags to your next marketing campaign?

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