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Home Textiles

If the home is where the heart is and you want to embrace sustainability, then starting in the home makes perfect sense.
Our growing range of eco-friendly home textiles gives you the opportunity to bring sustainable living into your personal surroundings, and with remote working becoming more common, the home is likely to be where you now spend most of your time.
From the kitchen to the bedroom, our small yet mighty collection of soft furnishings can help you begin to decorate your living quarters with an eco-conscious edge and help you truly live more sustainably.
Home textiles also make great promotional products for businesses that want to reach new customers or reward the ones that they already have. By adding your branding or bespoke artwork to any products within this range, you can tap into an impactful and creative way of bringing your business into people’s homes and, eventually, their hearts.

Ecoduka® Home Textiles Collection

Tea Towels, Aprons & Cushion Covers

Home Textiles

Drawstring Pouches

Cooler Bags

We supply high-quality home textiles made from sustainable materials

The material that we currently source and use to make our range of home textiles is ethically-sourced, natural cotton. This eco-friendly plant fibre creates a durable, skin-friendly fabric that is perfect for textiles around the home, such as our tea towel and cushion cover.

Cotton is a beloved material that offers versatility, style and easy maintenance which are all key qualities for soft furnishings. Plus, it is one of the easiest materials to add branding to since almost every technique works really well, including embroidery which is one of the most popular for home textiles.

As we continue to expand our home textile product range, we will only use environmentally-friendly materials that uphold our sustainability values and allow us to supply high-quality and durable products.

Promotional Home Textiles

Print your logo on to any of our promotional cotton products

Trillium Cotton Tea Towel

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Anemone Poly Cotton Apron

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Heather Cotton Cushion Cover

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The importance of bringing sustainable textiles into your home

It’s the finishing touches around the home that give it character and bring it to life and what better statement to make than one of sustainable living with eco-friendly home furnishings. There is no easier way to add something special to your home whilst keeping your carbon footprint low.

Each of the products in this collection provides you with an opportunity to start making greener choices when it comes to decorating
your home which is an area that gets overlooked when discussing sustainability.

We so often focus the conversation on how our day to day actions, fashion purchases and support of certain businesses play a key role in making the switch to sustainable living, but the investments we make in our home are important too.

 For the bedroom and living quarters, we have a simple cotton cushion cover in white which can sit with pride of place on your sofa or
bed. Whereas, for the kitchen, we stock a premium tea towel and a poly cotton apron available in black or white. By starting with these little investments, you are taking some small yet critical steps towards sustainability.


How promotional home textiles can be a valuable addition to your business

If you want to make an impact on your audience or show some appreciation to your clients, then printed home textiles are a brilliant
and slightly more original choice as they are not the typical promotional merchandise. This will help you to both stand out from your competitors and be more creative with your marketing.

A branded cushion cover or custom printed apron can be just as impactful as promotional bags in advertising your business and gaining new customers. Printed home textiles can be displayed around the home gaining new impressions whenever there are visitors, and they act as a constant reminder to the recipient of your brand. There is also something a little more personal about printed soft furnishings as a promotional item or corporate gift because they become part of the persons’ home.  

 If you want merchandise that will align with your brand or campaign and connect with your target audience, then our promotional
home textile collection is the perfect option for restaurants, food and gifting brands, estate agents or even large retailers.

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