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Zippered Tote Bags

Zippered tote bags are versatile and practical accessories that offer both style and convenience. They are the perfect solution for carrying your everyday essentials such as books, laptops, and reusable water bottles, while also providing a secure and organised storage space.

Our large collection of zippered tote bags boasts a range of eco-friendly, reusable bags that have a zip closure to keep everything inside safe and secure. This makes them comparable to a handbag but without the drawback of being made from harmful materials such as leather. From canvas totes and cooler bags to pencil cases and pouches, you can find a bag for all of your needs and any occasion amongst our impressive range of zippered totes.

You can even add your branding or bespoke artwork to any of our zippered tote bags to create a promotional product that will help build brand awareness and provide your audience with a useful, eco-friendly item. With the range of styles on offer, you are sure to find a tote bag with a zip closure that aligns with your brand and will appeal to your potential customers.

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Canvas Bag with ZipperPetal Canvas Bag With Zipper

Petal Canvas Bag With Zipper

Regular price

As low as £2.98

    Camellia Canvas BagCamellia Large Canvas Tote Bag

    Camellia Large Canvas Tote Bag

    Regular price

    As low as £5.95

      organic-zippered-canvas-tote-bag-ecodukaorganic-zippered-cotton-tote-bag-ecodukaThyme Organic Canvas Zippered Tote Bag

      Thyme Organic Canvas Zippered Tote Bag

      Regular price

      As low as £3.10

        taxos-black-zippered-organic-cotton-totetaxos-zippered-organic-cotton-tote-bagTaxos Black Organic Canvas Zippered Tote Bag

        Taxos Black Organic Canvas Zippered Tote Bag

        Regular price

        As low as £3.81

          Canvas Cooler BagCedar Canvas Cooler Bag

          Cedar Canvas Cooler Bag

          Regular price

          As low as £4.24

            Jute Cooler BagTapu Jute Cooler Bag

            Tapu Jute Cooler Bag

            Regular price

            As low as £5.22

              Promotional Canvas Gym BagSaffron Canvas Duffle Bag

              Saffron Canvas Duffle Bag

              Regular price

              As low as £5.79

                Freesia Canvas Bag With Coloured BaseFreesia Canvas Bag With Coloured BaseFreesia Canvas Bag With Coloured Base

                Freesia Canvas Bag With Coloured Base

                Regular price

                As low as £5.33

                • Black
                • Blue
                • Red
                • Green
                Tulip Multipurpose Canvas BagTulip Multipurpose Canvas Bag

                Tulip Multipurpose Canvas Bag

                Regular price

                As low as £3.37

                  Organic Canvas Pencil CaseDaffodil Organic Canvas Pencil CaseDaffodil Organic Canvas Pencil Case

                  Daffodil Organic Canvas Pencil Case

                  Regular price

                  As low as £1.11

                    Fairtrade Pencil CaseAspen Fairtrade Canvas Pencil Case

                    Aspen Fairtrade Canvas Pencil Case

                    Regular price

                    As low as £0.84

                      Bluebell Canvas Makeup Bag12oz-canvas-cosmetic-bagBluebell Canvas Makeup Bag

                      Bluebell Canvas Makeup Bag

                      Regular price

                      As low as £4.55

                        16oz-natural-canvas-pouch-ykkykk-gold-zipper-leather-pullerRosemary 16oz Canvas Pouch

                        Rosemary 16oz Canvas Pouch

                        Regular price

                        As low as £3.55

                          16oz-canvas-pouchSorrel Premium Black Canvas PouchSorrel Premium Black Canvas Pouch

                          Sorrel Premium Black Canvas Pouch

                          Regular price

                          As low as £4.42

                            Peony Canvas Pencil CasePeony Canvas Pencil Case

                            Peony Canvas Pencil Case

                            Regular price

                            As low as £1.76

                              rustic jute pencil casehessian pencil caseNova Jute Pencil Case

                              Nova Jute Pencil Case

                              Regular price

                              As low as £1.25

                                Lili-reycled-canvas-pouch-rpet-sustainably-sourced    Lila-reycled-cosmetic-pouch-with-aware-tagLila Recycled Canvas Cosmetic Bag with AWARE™ Tracer Technology
                                posy-recycled-canvas-pouch-cyclo-recycled-fibres-awareposy-recycled-zippered-pouch-sustainable-supply-chain-aware-blockchainPosy Recycled Flat Canvas Pouch with AWARE™ Tracer Technology
                                Promotional Cosmetic BagLilium Canvas Cosmetic Bag

                                Lilium Canvas Cosmetic Bag

                                Regular price

                                As low as £2.23

                                  Black Cosmetic BagPetunia Black Canvas Makeup Bag

                                  Petunia Black Canvas Makeup Bag

                                  Regular price

                                  As low as £2.46

                                    The benefits of having a zippered tote bag in your collection

                                    One of the most significant advantages of using a zippered tote bag is the added security it provides. The zipper closure ensures that your belongings are safe and secure which means you can have peace of mind when on your commute to work, strolling through the park or running errands. It also enables you to keep everything organised and easily access your items without worrying about them falling out of the bag. Each of the tote bags and pouches in this collection come with a zip fastening made up of either a YKK or nylon slider and metal teeth. They are designed to open quickly and smoothly for your convenience whilst also adding an elegant finish to the reusable tote bag.

                                    We offer a diverse range of eco-friendly zippered totes

                                    Our zippered totes might be the most versatile range of bags that we stock with a style for every occasion or need found within this collection. We have large canvas, bucket-style tote bags that offer a stylish replacement for harmful leather handbags, a jute cooler bag to keep your food and drinks chilled at picnics or when camping, trendy shoulder bags for young professionals and students, and several different cosmetic bags.

                                    Each item is made from eco-friendly materials, including organic or recycled canvas and natural jute, to guarantee durability and reusability no matter what your bag endures. Plus, we have a couple of colour options such as a black zipped pouch and a canvas bag with a coloured base in black, blue, red or green.

                                    Zippered tote bags are great promotional products for any business

                                    Using a printed tote bag with a zipper as a promotional product for your business is a great idea for many reasons. 
                                    It is a useful item to own as there are many instances where this type of reusable bag might be needed such as travelling to work, going on holiday, taking a day trip or running errands. With that in mind, printed zippered totes have a wide appeal so they will work well as a branded product for all demographics, from parents and travellers to students and office workers.

                                    They are also an adaptable style of bag that can be used for a range of purposes in a number of different settings. Therefore, as a promotional bag, your printed zippered tote will get a lot of exposure which will help with building brand awareness.

                                    We can add your bespoke artwork to the large printing area on any of the zippered tote bags in our collection to create an impactful and practical accessory that your audience will love and appreciate. Their durability will ensure that your investment goes a long way, the fact they are made from sustainable materials will present your business in a positive light, and the diverse collection means you can find a zippered tote that aligns with the needs of your audience. 

                                    A printed zippered tote bag can be used by universities, fashion retailers, non-profit organisations and corporate brands as a giveaway prize, a gift for clients, employees and students or a retail item that can be sold to customers.

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