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Why Branded Face Masks Should Be Part Of Your Company Uniform

Why Branded Face Masks Should Be Part Of Your Company Uniform

In July 2020 it became mandatory to wear a face covering in certain indoor public spaces in England, namely shops, bars and restaurants. 
Almost a year later, we are still wearing face coverings and face masks to reduce the spread of viruses and though lockdown restrictions have eased across the UK, the wearing of face coverings is likely to be the last rule to go.  

A recent study revealed that 28% of the UK public will happily choose to continue wearing a face mask after it is no longer required by law. Some of the reasons for this include the peace of mind that it gives wearers, the sense of anonymity that it provides and the fact that they have become so accustomed to it that they think it will take a while to go back to any type of normality.  

With that in mind, where do businesses stand on this topic? 
Retail and hospitality staff, or anyone working in a customer-facing role, are expected to wear a face mask at all times whilst at work. This has quickly become a company policy with many businesses providing masks at the start of every shift to ensure they are doing their part in protecting employees and the public. 

There is a strong case for keeping this policy in place for the foreseeable future and making face masks part of the company uniform long after the pandemic is 'over'. 

Most businesses have had no choice but to enforce this rule because it is mandatory and necessary for potential HSE inspections. 
But even organisations that don't necessarily require their staff to wear a face mask, because they work in a small office with very few people or outdoors, have adopted it as a company policy and here's why... 

Increased safety standards 

As a society we have become much more aware of how vulnerable we are when it comes to viruses. We've realised that they can spread much quicker and far more easily than we ever imagined and that it's important to do what we can to prevent this. 

The workplace has always been a hot-spot for catching a cold or whichever bug is going around at the time, so it is essential for businesses to find ways to reduce the risk of illnesses from spreading.  
Not only could a wave of sickness throughout the workplace leave you short staffed but it could endanger the health of customers, clients and visitors and they certainly wouldn't return if they realised that your business was responsible for their 48 hours in bed.  

So, if not just to protect the health of your workers and your staffing numbers, you should consider sticking with the face masks to keep your safety standards high and everyone happy. 

It can boost your company's reputation 

Asking your workers to wear a face mask can do wonders for your company reputation, both internally and externally.  
As employees are asked to start returning to the workplace, there will be some push-back and many will feel a little anxious, particularly if they have stuck to the rules and kept themselves as unexposed to danger as possible.  
By encouraging, or insisting that, staff wear a face mask in the workplace (even if it is just when they are away from their desk), it will offer some reassurance to the more concerned workers that you are taking their health and safety seriously.  
In turn, you will have a happier and more productive workforce who are more likely to keep working for you and come back to the office or place of business.  
Your reputation outside of the company will be boosted too. Customers, clients and the media will look more positively on your business, especially if you are enforcing the rule of wearing a face mask when it isn't required by law. 
You could even potentially lose some customers who don't feel comfortable eating at a restaurant, for example, where the staff aren’t wearing face masks.  

Creates a professional look 

Adding the personal touch to face masks worn at work is key too. When the face mask that your employees are wearing is branded with the company name or logo it creates a cohesive look across the team and presents a united, professional image to the public.  

Studies have also shown that workers are 19% more likely to keep their face mask on when it is branded which is likely due to the psychology behind branded face masks. There is a sense of being a team-player when you're wearing it, and it gives the mask a slightly more premium feel which will always make people feel more inclined to wear something. 

It also leaves your customers and visitors with a good impression too – sometimes it really is the little touches that have the lasting impact.  

Helps employees feel part of the team 

Similarly, a branded face mask, much like any branded product, has the ability to bring the team together and make them feel part of a company that cares to go the extra mile. 
This will go far in boosting morale and creating a positive work environment with very little financial investment for the business. 

It can also help employees that are working remotely, or that are new to the business, feel more included when you provide them with a branded face mask. It could be looked upon more like a gift than a piece of uniform being forced onto employees. 

Keeps everyone on the same page 

Once the laws are lifted and face masks are no longer a requirement, there will inevitably be some members of staff who do want to keep wearing their mask at work, especially if they are in a customer-facing role or are high-risk.   
This could cause some issues with cohesiveness and, possibly, conflict between employees. Therefore, rather than allowing employees the choice, you could keep it in your company policy on uniforms which means that every member of staff will be required to wear a face mask when they are working. This keeps everyone on the same page and at equal footing.  

Low-cost marketing strategy 

An added benefit of branded face masks is that workers will often wear them outside of work which is almost-free marketing for your business – the only cost is the mask itself.  
In fact, the average branded face mask generates 4,235 impressions throughout its lifetime (which is typically 3 months) so if you multiply that by the number of staff you have, that’s probably more reach than you would get in those same three months across paid social media posts.  

This is why we encourage businesses to invest in high-quality, branded face masks for their staff. The benefits are quite clear and the return on investment is huge, and not just, potentially, financially, but the emotional, reputational and safety factors too. 

When investing in branded face masks for your business, it is important to consider both the functionality of it and the comfort. Your staff will often be wearing their face mask for 6+ hours a day so they need something that is pleasant to wear for extensive periods of time.  
Our range of Maskari Face Masks are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable face masks with a three-layer protection that gives them a premium feel and long-lasting effectiveness. They are reusable and ethically sourced, and have been treated with a Swiss antimicrobial technology to ensure maximum protection from harmful bacteria. 

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