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Ecoduka CYCLO® Bag Technology

Take sustainability a step further with our range of CYCLO® bags. These recycled bags are part of a closed-loop production system that upcycles pre-consumer textile waste and grants consumers the ability to track the entire journey of the product with Aware™ tracer technology.

Ecoduka recycled bags with CYCLO® Technology: Doing Things Differently

Using recycled products, such as plastic water bottles, to create bags and other useful items is not a new idea and is core to the concept of circular economy. It enables the materials in used products to be put to good use and get a second life rather than being discarded and left to decompose in a landfill. And, with the recycling rate in the UK now standing at over 46% (and this is increasing every year), this practice could go a long way towards protecting the planet. But this circular model is not limited to post-consumer waste.

With Ecoduka CYCLO® recycled fibres, textile waste, such as cutting scraps, from garment manufacturers in Bangladesh is procured and undergoes a mechanical recycling process without the use of water, dyes or chemicals to create a high-quality, sustainable fibre. This is then blended with recycled polyester and spun into a durable, coloured yarn resulting in one of the most environmentally-friendly textile alternatives which we use to make our range of Ecoduka recycled CYCLO® bags. You don’t just have to take our word for it either – what makes these bags even more impressive is that they are embedded with tracers that track the entire journey of the material through the supply chain so that you can verify all of its sustainability claims.

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1 kg of yarn, consisting 70% CYCLO® Recycled Cotton & 30% Recycled Polyester

Reusable Bags


7.5 kg of CO2 (96.3%)

Washable Eco Products


2,626 litres of water (99.8%)

ISO 22196:2011 Approved


6.82m2 of land used (99.7%)

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7.1 kg of terrestrial ecotoxicity (82.7%)

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Why Choose Ecoduka recycled bags with CYCLO® technology?

CYCLO® bags are a true innovation within the bag industry and the future of sustainable fashion. Their superior eco-credentials alone are worth the investment, enabling you to do good for the planet whilst satisfying public demand for businesses to make real change towards being more sustainable. But with the added benefit of tracers embedded in each bag providing consumers with full transparency as to the journey the product has made, there is no doubt that CYCLO® bags are taking sustainability to the next level.

  • Doesn’t use any water, dyes or chemicals
  • Produces 96.3% less CO2 than virgin fibres
  • Provides full transparency with traceability technology

About the AWARE™ tracer technology

Greenwashing is rife within the sustainability industry so being transparent and giving consumers complete access to the story behind the products they are investing in is more important than ever. Aware™ is an advanced technology that is easy to use, highly secure and can truly verify the authenticity of recycled materials.

Tracer particles are added to the recycled fibre before it is spun into yarn which can be used to create a digital version known as the ‘digital twin’. This ‘digital twin’ is registered in a secure blockchain and includes properties such as colour, composition, weight and the original certification.

In other words, every CYCLO® bag has received a unique ‘fingerprint’ which is represented by a QR code that is printed on the bag label. By simply scanning this code, you can gain access to all the information you need to authenticate the recycled material and see its entire journey through the supply chain. 

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Did you know?

CYCLO® recycled fibres began almost a decade ago with the production of coarse, lower quality yarn used for cleaning materials and home textiles and has since evolved into the high-quality yarn that we use to make our reusable bags.

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How is traceability added?

Aware™ tracers are injected into the sustainable fibres before they are spun into yarn. These tracers are activated by registering the original certifications in digital tokens on a highly secure blockchain.

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