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Eight Ways To Decorate Our Plain Cotton Tote Bags

Eight Ways To Decorate Our Plain Cotton Tote Bags

Our plain cotton tote bags look great as they are and although we do offer a printing service for individuals or businesses that would like to add their own artwork to these bags, we understand that the DIY approach is also popular.
Plain tote bags can often be seen as a blank canvas for the artistic. They're an opportunity to get creative especially if you need something to entertain your little ones with for a couple of hours at the weekend.

Whether you are gifting to a loved one, creating customized bags for your small business or just want to make something special for yourself, we have a whole host of ideas when it comes to how you can decorate your plain tote.

So grab your markers, paints and arts & crafts kit and let's get creative…

  1. Personalise with your name
    Who doesn't love a personalised item?
    Adding your name or initials is a simple yet effective way of making an item feel like it was made just for you. Try some calligraphy for a more luxury feel or heat transfer some letters if you want to play it a bit safe.
  1. Theme it for a time of year/holiday/event
    Why not create some totes specifically themed for a particular occasion?
    Add a reindeer to create a bag for your festive shopping, some butterflies for the summer or some pumpkins for Halloween. You can create your very own collection of homemade bags for every calendar holiday and season.
  1. Add a fitting quote
    Quotes on bags will never go out of style. So why not add one to your plain tote bag to give it a personal flare.
    You have full creative control so can pick anything from an inspirational movie quote to a line from a book. You can even align it with the purpose of the bag. For example, if you're creating a tote bag for the beach then why not add a lyric from your favourite summer song.
  1. Try some tie-dye
    Tie-dye is always a fun and creative yet simple way of giving your bags some character, and the children can get involved in this one too. Pick your favourite colours and design a bag that has heaps of personality – perfect for the festivals, beach trips and holidays.
  1. Use some stencils
    If you need some extra support then stencils are a great option for those a little less sure of their art skills. You can opt for a wide range of shapes or patterns so the opportunities are endless when it comes to the finished look.
  1. Let your kids loose with some paint
    If you want something a little sentimental then why not have an arts and crafts session with your children and see what they come up with. They could add some handprints or attempt a self-portrait so that you end up with a piece of unique artwork from your little one's on your plain tote.
  1. Get out your sewing kit
    Those who are skilled with their sewing can take it a step further and add some embroidery. You can sew in some sequins, pompoms or coloured thread to upgrade your plain cotton bag and give it some personality.
  1. Invest in some transfer paper
    When you have a specific piece of artwork or image that you want to display on your fabric bag then transfer paper is exactly what you need.
    You can print the image onto the transfer paper and then use an iron and heat to transfer the image onto the bag. It's simple yet provides you with endless opportunities when it comes to decorating your plain tote bag.

But if you decide that DIY decorating is not in your wheelhouse and you want something more professional, then we provide a printing service supported by our in-house design team. Whether you already have the digital artwork file that you can email across or you want us to help you create one, we can get your designs printed onto any of our tote bags using one of many printing techniques including screen printing and transfer print.

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